Health Statement 3/14/20

March 14, 2020 5 comments Julie Casiano Categories Newsletter, Preparation

We have always prided ourselves in the cleanliness of our kitchen and we recognize that this is now more important than ever.

Hygiene standards for our team members, our shop environment, and quality of our meals will always be our top priorities.

We are continuing our high standards and are increasing our handwashing and cleaning, including frequently sanitizing our checkout area during our pick up hours in offering hand sanitizer at our cash out counter.

We will not be accepting any containers back to reuse until further notice. Please dispose or reuse them, or recycle them please.

We are committed to taking care of our team and making sure anyone working is a optimal health, as well as members of their family so that we can be sure everyone is safe from passing any unwanted germs or sickness.

Please remember that having a healthy diet and fueling your body with fresh vegetables, fruits, and ingredients play a huge role in staying healthy and keeping your immune system strong. Now is not the time to turn to unhealthy cheap fast meal options.

That is why we plan to not change a thing and continue business as normal, as well as offer some additional meals in our grab-and-go cooler to help out, as a lot of you have children home from school for the next few weeks.

We thank you for supporting our small business.

Stay healthy!

With love- the Meal Prep Team